Why Hydro Excavation is Safer

Hydro excavation is safer than other worksite digging methods.

Posted 12:13 November 10, 2021
Last Updated 05:12 December 04, 2021

Every day, municipalities, utility companies, and private contractors excavate to install underground facilities, locate existing pipes, cables or lines for maintenance and repair. In the past, this usually required digging by hand (a slow and very tedious process) or with a mechanical excavator, backhoe, or other digging machine.

Every year there are numerous reported injuries, explosions, and deaths due to unsafe or poorly planned excavations. An underground line is struck, a trench collapses, or an equipment malfunction results in a jobsite catastrophe. Most, if not all of these incidents can be avoided and the risks minimized by using vacuum or hydro excavation.

Vacuum excavation is a general term that includes two different processes. Either air or water (hydro-excavation) is used to loosen soil. In either case, a huge air vacuum is used to move the loose rocks and soil into a debris tank for later disposal. Occasionally a full debris tank is used to back fill an existing hole.

Hydro-excavation is a process that only utilizes pressurized water to break up and remove the soil via air vacuum. It goes into a debris tank and provides a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities. Excavation is very precise and smaller areas can be dug up, when compared to traditional excavation methods.

This risk of jobsite injury is greatly reduced when using hydro excavation. Utility lines are exposed via water and vacuum removal. There is no risk of damaging an underground line with a backhoe or other digging machine. Excavation times are usually reduced, and the area that is dug up is also reduced. The end result is a safer, quicker, and less disruptive excavation process.

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