Who uses hydro excavation?

This environmentally-friendly digging method is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Posted 03:03 February 19, 2021

Pipe lines and sewer lines are often installed underground. If repairs need to be done, soil needs to be excavated, moves and then restored. Underground utilities can be safely exposed using hydro excavation. Hydro excavation got its start in the plumbing industry. It can quickly dig through soil without damaging utilities or other underground assets.

New Installations
Many new installation projects need some form of excavation done during installation. Think of light posts, road signs, traffic lights, mail boxes, etc. These all need to be installed using excavation.

Construction projects, industrial facilities, and residential homes cannot be started if the ground is not properly excavated. These excavation sites can be very large. Using traditional methods, excavation can take a long time. Hydro excavation gets the same job done much faster. It's also inherently safer than other heavy equipment excavation options. Virtually all construction sites require excavation of some sort.

Landscaping is delicate work and hydro excavation is an excellent option. It is highly-precise and present minimal risk to the surrounding landscape. The truck can be positioned up to 100 feet away from the excavation site. This offers additional safety for the surrounding landscape. With hydro excavation, less post-job cleanup and restoration is required.

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