When To Use Small Hydrovac Trucks

Bigger isn't always better.

Posted 15:05 December 25, 2022
Last Updated 15:07 December 25, 2022

Throughout various construction and utility applications, hydrovac trucks are becoming increasingly deployed by work crews to carry out excavation work in a safer, more precise, and more efficient way. Hydro excavation is often the preferred choice over more mechanical and labor-intensive traditional approaches. In addition to large, production-style trucks, the market now offers smaller hydrovacs that are ideal for a special work conditions.

Hole Higz aims to provide hydrovac services at a superior standard of quality and safety. It is essential for us to maintain a fleet of trucks that meets various excavation needs. We strive to do each job both safely and correctly. Every truck is engineered to be safe, durable, and productive. This enables us to manage hydrovac construction tasks at the highest level of performance and the lowest level of risk.

Not all excavation projects at a construction or utility work site are best served by smaller hydrovac trucks. However, there are some very specific applications for which small hydrovacs are ideal. While larger trucks are best for jobs involving long trenches or bulk excavation, smaller hydrovacs are often utilized for projects that require utility daylighting.

A smaller hydrovac truck can also operate better in busy city or residential areas, where there's typically not big open spaces for crews to operate. It's also the chosen option for excavation sites that are limited by overhead obstructions like high-voltage lines, which can present major safety hazards for the construction team. A smaller truck helps mitigate these risks and also has greater maneuverability.

A smaller hydrovac truck is an excellent addition to a fleet of larger vehicles. It enables access where larger trucks might have difficulty negotiating the space.

Hole Hogz takes all of these responsibilities seriously. We understand the fundamental importance of taking a safety-first approach to every job. We stick to the processes and standards set in place to protect the team, the client, and anyone else in harm's way. We work in areas with live utilities is it's dangerous. Our team has a work hard, safety hard mentality. We conduct thorough equipment safety inspections and monitor worker safety and performance. We are proactive with our project planning and preparation. We properly use protective gear and equipment. Most of all, we have a highly knowledgeable and experienced team at Hole Hogz.