Daylighting and Potholing

Common uses of hydro excavation

Posted 18:08 September 25, 2022
Last Updated 19:08 September 25, 2022

Daylighting excavation is a process of safely exposing underground pipes and/or utility lines to daylight using a hydro-vacuum excavator. In the past, pipes and utility lines were exposed by hand digging, which is an extremely slow process and puts the worker in danger if he or she should inadvertently hit a power line with their shovel. Over time a backhoe or jackhammer was also used, but these tools are clumsy and can damage underground wires and lines. When using daylight excavation, a hydro-vacuum excavator quickly and safely removes soil debris to locate and expose underground utility lines or pipes.

A vacuum excavator works in a wide variety of soils such as hard-packed sand, rocky substrate, clay, and frozen ground. It exposes underground utilities and pipes by using a combination of water, pressure, and air. Next it sucks up the slurry, muddy debris using a large attached vacuum hose. An evacuation storage tank stores the slurry mix and hauls it away for later disposal. The stored mix can also be poured back into the trench or hole to fill it after underground work has been completed.

Daylighting excavation is a highly efficient method to expose underground pipes and utility lines and without damaging them. It has quickly become the preferred excavation method in urban areas which have excessive underground infrastructure. Daylighting can also be used to expose just a small section of line or pipe to evaluate them for leaks, cracks, or damage. When just a small area is excavated with hydro-vacuum excavation, it is commonly referred to as daylight potholing.

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