Worker Safety

Hole Hogz is dedicated to worker and jobsite safety.

Posted 15:15 November 13, 2022
Last Updated 15:15 November 13, 2022

Safety from injury and falls should be the highest priority at any job site. To significantly reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents, all personnel and workers should be familiar with the following safety procedures:

All workers should be fully aware of all potential dangers and hazards to their health and/or safety prior to hydrovac operation.

Workers who operate hydrovac equipment must be trained in hydrovac excavation procedures and machine safety techniques. Hydrovac machinery should only be used fully in accordance with operating and safety manuals, as set by the manufacturer.

All on-site contractors and all personnel using hydrovac equipment must be trained and familiar with safety procedures and monitored by a competent, expert employee.

All workers must be wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

Caution should be used when working with hydrovac equipment at all times. The main hazards of job-site injuries include:

• Traffic and other road hazards
• Falls when working near trenches or excavation sites
• Confined working spaces
• Electrical shock
• When working in confined spaces, such as a hydrovac tank, all workers should have good working knowledge, experience and training with hydrovac equipment. Furthermore, confined spaces should be tested and evaluated prior to entry by workers.

All jobsite personnel should be fully trained to inspect and operate all equipment required to perform each task. This includes:

• Hydrovac equipment
• Grounding systems and erquipotential bonding
• Personal protective equipment and gear
• Fall prevention and protective equipment

Hole Hogz follows all of these safety practices and is dedicated to providing a safe jobsite.