The Hole Hogz Hydrovac Advantage

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Posted 15:43 November 13, 2022
Last Updated 15:43 November 13, 2022

The Hole Hogz hydrovac excavation system is designed to work effectively and efficiently in the most challenging of operating conditions. Hole Hogz incorporates technologies and techniques that traditional mechanical heavy equipment excavators and other vacuum systems cannot duplicate.

Hole Hogz Customers continually experience increases in productivity, enhancements in safety, a reduction in project timelines, and a reduction in costs associated with their excavation projects.

Key advantages of the Hole Hogz hydrovac system are:

Hole Hogz is dedicated to worker and jobsite safety. It is our number one priority.

Adaptivity to varied soil conditions
Hole Hogz hydrovac trucks are engineered to work both safely and efficiently in various challenging soil conditions, while providing excavation and daylighting services.

Our hydrovac operators and trucks have consistently excelled over other excavation systems, air-vacuum systems, and traditional mechanical excavation equipment. We can excavate in hard-packed desert sand, mud, dirt, clay, and even frost.

Ability to excavate far from the truck
Hole Hogz can operate up to 100 feet from where our truck is parked. Traditional excavation equipment just can't compete with us. Alternatively, we can dig up to 30 feet deep with out equipment.

Excavation in and around buried infrastructure
Hole Hogz is the leader in non-destructive, non-mechanical excavation. We offer a cost-effective solution when working in congested or isolated jobsites. When there is a concern of existing underground utilities, Hole Hogz can safely navigate these potential jobsite hazards.

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