Potholing and daylighting using hydro excavation

Faster, cleaner, safer, smarter.

Posted 02:09 February 02, 2021
Last Updated 02:09 February 02, 2021

Daylighting or potholing is a process of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities or other buried assets. It is done to check underground assets for cracks, leaks or any kind of damage. Commercial, industrial, and residential customers all need to daylight their underground assets from time-to-time. It is important to maintain underground pipes, sewers, utilities, etc. Hydro excavation can save you time and money when these types of jobs need to be done.

In the past, this was done using a backhoe or by hand with a shovel. A backhoe is a heavy piece of equipment that has a digging bucket mounted on a tractor. Since the digging bucket is large, it poses a risk of damaging the underground utilities and it removes far more dirt than is necessary. Heavy machinery brings additional safety risks. Laborers or bystanders can be injured. An equipment malfunction can cause tragic accidents that can be avoided by using hydro excavation.

Hand digging is a very labor intensive job and it takes a lot time to get it done. Under the hot Nevada sun, no one like to dig.

With hydro excavation you can eliminate nearly all of the downsides of traditional potholing excavation methods. Hydro excavation provides a safe and non-mechanical process that will keep everyone involved secure. It is oftentimes safer, cleaner, faster, and a smarter approach to exposing your underground assets.

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