Hydro Versus Air Excavation

Which is better?

Posted 17:55 October 09, 2022
Last Updated 17:55 October 09, 2022

As their names imply, hydro excavation uses high pressure water to excavate an area, whereas air excavation utilizes high pressure air. From an engineering standpoint they are similar, but in practice they are very different methods. When talking about both of these methods, the term vacuum excavation is usually used.


Differences between hydro and air excavation

Hydro Excavation is a process of safe excavation utilizing high-pressure water along with high-speed vacuum. In frozen ground conditions, heated water can also be used to quickly cut through the frozen soil. Hydro excavation is faster than air excavation and it is considered the most efficient kind of vacuum excavation. However, when refilling the excavation site, the slurry mix in the debris tank has a high water content.

Air excavation (sometimes called dry excavation) is a process of using compressed air to disturb the soil. It is then vacuumed up into a debris tank. Air excavation is slower than hydro excavation, but the debris soil mix can more easily be filled back into the excavation hole.

Both excavation methods are safer, faster, and more efficient than traditional excavation methods. Vacuum Excavation allows for workers and other personnel on site to remain safe and helps eliminate accidental trench cave-ins and underground utility line damage. With vacuum excavation, municipalities and private companies have an alternative to hand digging and a much safer way to expose utilities (via daylighting and potholing). Vacuum excavation is the premiere method of identifying the location and depth of underground utilities.

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