The History of Hydro Excavation

It's been around longer than you might think.

Posted 02:14 November 04, 2021
Last Updated 04:51 December 04, 2021

The earliest documented applications of hydro excavation can be traced to the mid 1800s. California was in the midst of its gold rush, and miners started using steam pump pressurized water to wear away hills and mountainsides. This process allowed them to get to the gold and other minerals more easily. The system that they used was referred to at the time as Hydraulic Mining.

Over time technology improved and people invented better machines for land excavation via water. The first hydro excavation machine was called the ExcaVactor and it was built in 1969.

Between 1970 and 1980, vacuum trucks and sewer cleaners were adapted to use hydro excavation. All-terrain vehicles were adapted into makeshift hydro excavation units in order to get to remote locations more easily.

By 1990 the industry had grown and several companies began manufacturing trucks and trailer-mounted units to satisfy the growing demand of the marketplace. This time period is considered the birth of hydro excavation for commercial applications.

Today, over 30 years later, hydro excavation is used widely by companies across North America. Now longer limited to commercial applications, hydro excavation is widely used for residential projects. The future is very bright for this vital industry.

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