The only safe way to identify buried assets

Posted 19:03 September 25, 2022
Last Updated 19:03 September 25, 2022

Potholing is the only safe way to identify a buried asset (gas, water, electrical, or telecommunication line) before starting a construction project. It is an investigative method that locates underground utility lines and exposes them at the job site. Hole Hogz's non-destructive excavating methods are ideal for potholing.

Potholing Process

Potholing via excavation is a simple process. The expert excavation team at Hole Hogz will use water to dig and penetrate the ground. Next, a vacuum sucks up the soil into a tank allowing underground utilities to be inspected for damage, leaks, and cracks.

Potholing Methods

Three primary potholing methods are used in the construction industry:

The use of backhoes was once the prevalent potholing method. Nowadays however, it's considered hazardous and a danger to workers. Utilities may get destroyed during exposure, and a spotter must be present when potholing with a backhoe. Backhoes are generally used when the risk of damaging utilities is less, like in open fields.

Hand Digging
Digging by hand is the oldest excavation method. It's labor intensive and requires a larger work crew. But for large construction operations hand digging often takes longer, has higher labor costs, and there is always the risk of worker injury or even death.

Vacuum Excavation
Today vacuum excavation is the best choice for potholing. It's precise, safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Nowadays water excavation is the preferred method to air excavation.

Potholing Benefits

  • Decreased risk of underground utility damage
  • Secure digging around live electrical wires
  • Potholing is used in diverse applications
  • Potholing allows for more accurate digging
  • Potholing is efficient and budget-friendly
  • Legal compliance

    Hole Hogz is the ideal company for your potholing project in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Clark County Nevada. Contact us today for a no-hassle quote. Find out how we can speed up your construction project and make your jobsite safer.