3 Important Facts About Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is the best choice for your next excavation project

Posted 16:58 October 09, 2022
Last Updated 17:00 October 09, 2022

You may have heard what hydro excavation is, but you might not know how it works and what makes this unique excavation process so special. Hydro excavation is the most precise and accurate form of excavation available today. It eliminates many of the damage and safety risks associated with conventional excavation methods.

Hydro Excavation Is Non-Destructive

As previously mentioned, hydro excavation is precise, it's very precise. What this means is it won't damage the surrounding area that are being excavated. Hydro excavation not only prevents damage to the above ground area, it also prevents damage to what is hidden underground.

Traditional excavation methods often use tools and equipment such as jackhammers, metal shovels, or claws that can damage sewer lines, underground pipes, and other underground utilities. Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water which will not cause damage to these hidden underground utilities. This is especially useful when you're not sure where these hidden utilities are lurking.

Hydro Excavation Is Precise

Unlike traditional methods of excavation, hydro excavation is very precise because it makes use of focused, intense high-pressure water and vacuum suction. The operator can control the flow rate of pressurized water which results in a more accurate excavation process. This makes hydro excavation the most efficient excavation method available today.

Because of hydro excavation's precise nature, it is highly compatible with parks, gardens, or other areas that need drainage sumps and trenches. Small trenches can easily be created with minimal damage to the surrounding area. Heavy equipment such as backhoes and tractor excavators often severely disrupt and damage the areas immediately surrounding the excavation site.

Hydro Excavation Is Efficient

There are a number of reasons why hydro excavation is the most efficient excavation method available today. The first reason is that hydro excavation is much faster than traditional excavation. The speed at which hydro excavation works to excavate soil is unmatched when compared to the amount of time it takes to manually dig holes in the ground. Hydro excavation can get the job done in a hours versus days.

Aside from the time benefits, hydro excavation is efficient because it can handle virtually all types of soil, ranging from sand to clay. Hydro excavation has it's roots in Canada, and it even works on frozen ground, when heated water is used.


Hydro excavation is an excavation process that makes use of highly pressurized water and a vacuum. High-pressure water is used to convert the ground into a slurry mix which is later sucked up by the vacuum and contained in a debris tank mounted on the truck. The debris slurry can be hauled away, or later filled back into the excavation area when the job is complete.

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive, precise, efficient, and safe excavation method that has many more advantages and benefits versus traditional excavation methods. With hydro excavation, you will be able to complete the job in quicker time frame, eliminate damage to the surrounding excavation area, and in the end you have a precise and accurate excavation job.

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