Safe Digging Practices Specific To Southern Nevada

Hitting underground utilities is a serious issue.

Posted 22:21 July 02, 2023
Last Updated 22:21 July 02, 2023

safe digging

When it comes to safe digging practices in Southern Nevada, there are a few key guidelines and considerations to keep in mind. Here are some specific recommendations:

Contact Nevada One Call
Before you begin any digging project, large or small, it is crucial to contact Nevada One Call (811) at least two working days before you plan to dig. This free service will notify all relevant utility companies in the area to mark the locations of their underground lines, pipes, and cables. Wait for the utilities to mark their lines before you start digging.

Know the Digging Depth
Familiarize yourself with the average depth of utility lines in Southern Nevada. In most cases, utility lines are buried at least 18 inches to 24 inches underground. However, this can vary depending on the specific utility or area. Knowing the approximate depth will help you plan your excavation properly and avoid damaging any underground utilities.

Hand Digging and Probing
When digging near marked utility lines, use hand tools like shovels, picks, or hand augers to carefully expose the area around the lines. Avoid using power tools or heavy machinery as they can cause accidental damage to buried utilities. Additionally, use non-metallic probes to confirm the location of utility lines before digging near them.

Be Cautious Around Gas Lines
In Southern Nevada, natural gas lines are typically buried underground. It is crucial to exercise extra caution when working near gas lines. If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas during excavation, leave the area immediately and contact the gas company or emergency services from a safe distance.

Stay Hydrated
Southern Nevada's climate can be extremely hot, particularly during the summer months. When engaging in digging projects, make sure to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Watch for Utility Markers
Once the utility lines are marked, be mindful of their location throughout the duration of your project. Keep an eye on the utility markers and work around them accordingly. Do not remove or disturb the markers until you have completed the excavation.

Backfill Properly
After completing your digging project, ensure that you backfill the excavation site properly. Use appropriate materials and compaction techniques to prevent sinking or settling of the ground. Be mindful not to damage any utilities while backfilling.

Remember, these recommendations are not exhaustive, and it is essential to consult local regulations and guidelines for specific requirements in Southern Nevada. Prioritize safety, follow the instructions of utility companies, and exercise caution to avoid any accidents or damage to underground utilities.