Hydrovac Excavation For Small Projects

Why it's the best choice.

Posted 15:09 December 04, 2022
Last Updated 15:09 December 04, 2022

Hydrovac excavation is a modern excavation process that is used in numerous industries because of its efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Hydrovac excavation starts with the injection of pressurized water into the ground. The ground is turned into a sludge which is then collected via a vacuum hose. It is held in a storage tank mounted on the truck.

Hydrovac excavation is ideal for small trenching projects.

Hydro Excavation is Non-Destructive

Hydrovac trucks are very precise. They can excavate a specific area without damaging the surrounding area. They have a boom which allows them to access hard-to-reach areas of a construction site. They have a very high level of directional control. The end result is a clean trench that doesn't mash up the area around the excavation site.

Hydro Excavation is Efficient

Laying cables, pipelines, or performing repairs are major reasons for small trenching projects. When the access area is tight, nothing is more efficient than a hydrovac truck. Hydro excavation is fast which means less inconvenience to citizens and property owners. Mechanical excavation (endloaders) are slower and cause more inconvenience to nearby residents.

Hydro Excavation is Precise

Industry experts prefer hydro excavation for small trenching projects. Trenching needs to be precise. Hydrovac trucks allow for greater directional control and no other excavation method is more precise.

In contrast, the metal claws used by mechanical excavation lack directional control.


Another advantage of hydrovac trucks is their debris holding tank. With one unit you can excavate and carry away the debris. Additionally, a hydrovac truck drives itself to the construction site. You can have one truck at your jobs site instead of 3 different pieces of equipment (End loader, dump truck, and a lowboy to haul the end loader).


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