Hydro Excavation

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How Hydro Excavation Works

Our hydro excavation specialists use high-pressure water wands to cut deep through the soil and soften the ground. Next, they use suction to remove the resulting mud slurry into the tank of an excavation truck. Finally, the work crews uncover a deeper layer of soil and any existing underground utility networks. After underground work is completed, they release the slurry from the holding tank back onto the ground to cover up the hole.

There are many different applications of hydro excavation. One common application is daylighting - the exposure of underground utility lines. Other applications include trenching - creating trenches for new utility lines, septic systems, or other underground projects. Another application is debris removal. With hydro excavation many construction jobs are completed quicker and in a more efficient manner.

No matter the project - hydro excavation beats traditional digging methods hands down. Hydro excavation is faster, less damaging to the surrounding areas, and oftentimes less expensive.

Trenching Specialists

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