Excavating in Remote Locations

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Posted 03:32 July 29, 2020
Last Updated 12:02 September 09, 2020

Vacuum Excavation in remote locations is similar to traditional hydro excavation, except instead of working right off the boom of the Vac Trucks, an industrial vacuum hose is run up to several hundred feet from the truck to the location that is difficult to get to.

Remote Vacuum Excavation is used to solve many problems in regards to difficult excavation locations. Some of these problems can include:

• Underground utilities that are close to the soil, which cannot be driven over.
• Tight spaces, that big trucks cannot fit through.
• Low overhead clearances, inhibiting the truck to get close to the location.
• Unstable soil, that would be dangerous for the truck to drive over.

Whenever these barriers occur in excavation projects, remote excavation is a great tool to excavate those hard to reach places. The truck can be parked away from the difficult excavation site and the pipe can run all the way from the truck to the excavation site.

Advantages to Remote Vacuum Excavation

• Low Clearance spaces can be avoided.
• There is no need for hand digging. It can be incredibly slow, strenuous, and can damage delicate utilities.
• Excavating around a maze of underground pipes and utilities with vacuum excavation removes the risk of damaging the utilities.
• You can remove the material up multiple stories with the high powered vacuum.
• You can excavate indoors (in basements for example), where other excavation equipment can't reach without having to hand dig.
• Excavating in narrow spaces, places with low clearances, or anywhere else a machine or truck cannot reach is made easy and simple with vacuum excavation.

If you or your company has a difficult project andyou have no idea how you will be able to excavate because of its location or underground utilities, please call or email us today. We will be happy to come to your job site, at no cost to you, to evaluate the project and provide you with some options to complete your project.