Debris removal with hydro excavation

Safely haul away construction debris with hydro excavation

Posted 02:42 February 09, 2021
Last Updated 02:42 February 09, 2021

Removing debris is necessary at any construction site. Hydro excavation can be used to quickly remove many types of construction debris.

Hydro excavation uses high pressure water and a strong vacuum to remove debris from construction sites. Debris can be easily hauled away. It's quicker, easier, and safer. It requires less labor and usually, is lower cost. There's less risk of damage to the surrounding area, as hydro excavation is very precise and is highly targeted.

The hydro excavation truck can be positioned up to 100 feet away from the debris area, making debris removal even easier.

Hydro excavation can be used to clean catch basins, for sludge removal, and even toxic spill cleanup. If you need a large amount of debris removed, hydro excavation is a great option.

Hole Hogz trucks are all-in-one self-contained mobile units. They can easily reach any job site quickly. Our trucks use a unique combination of water pressure and vacuums. Water is pressurized and injected into the area containing the debris through a handheld wand. This creates a slurry of soil and water that is excavation through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank. Your debris is then hauled offsite.

Hydro excavation is perfect for debris removal during construction or around delicate landscaping. This clean process is best for sites where grinding or burning is not an option to get rid of debris. Hole Hogz provides debris removal services for large construction and demolition sites. Our technicians can also haul away concrete or asphalt.

Hydro excavation removes debris without causing any harm to the surrounding area. It doesn't use any harsh or toxic chemicals so it doesn't contribute to the already numerous hazards present at a construction site. Many contractors utilize Hole Hogz for debris removal because our process is completely environmentally friendly.

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