Cold weather digging with hydro excavation

Cut through the snow and ice.

Posted 03:21 February 23, 2021

Digging and excavation in cold weather, especially when the ground is frozen, offers additional challenges. Traditional methods may require thawing of the ground, or just waiting until spring.

The winter months add an extra challenge when trying to get underground utility work done. Customers demand the same service in negative temperatures as they do during the warm days of summer. Colder weather is harder on equipment and the work takes longer. There is snow and ice that sometimes needs to be removed before you can get down to the soil surface. Then, depending on conditions and the region you are in, you are dealing with frozen ground and frost which at times can be harder than concrete.

However, with hydro excavation, you can easily dig in frozen climates.

Hydro Excavation is the safest, cleanest, and quickest method and for cold weather digging. It's quickly becoming the industry standard and is considered a best practice. Pressurized, heated water is injected into and onto the surface of the frozen soil, immediately thawing the frost to create a slurry that can be quickly removed through an industrial vacuum.

As with all hydro excavation projects, it offers greater safety, more precise excavation, less damage to the surrounding area, quicker completion times, and usually, lower costs.

Hydro excavation can thaw out all of the following: fire hydrants, frozen water lines, trucks, and equipment.

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