Born To Run

Hydro excavation has high uptime.

Posted 02:23 July 28, 2020
Last Updated 06:43 September 08, 2020

As hydro excavation becomes more and more popular, the importance of zero downtime is obvious. It ensures companies can keep up with the day-to-day demand for their services. Industry veterans such as Las Vegas-based Hole Hogz, have a full service shop. New equipment, maintenance, and training are all top priorities. Maintaining hydro excavating equipment so Hole Hogz can meetthe demand and needs of their clients is a top goal.

Regular inspections do not only benefit operators and customers, they increase safety and are better for the environment. They also lead to higher resale and trade-in values for equipment, based on their routine service histories.

Are you in search of a safe, cost-effective, and non-disturbing option to expose underground infrastructure in an excavation project? The past 30 years has seen a major shift to move from backhoe digging into hydro excavation. Hydro excavation projects are growing at an exponential rate. Hole Hogz leads the pack as a company that knows how to safely deal with underground infrastructure and excavation projects.